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EPFL Machine Learning Course, Fall 2021

Home Page:https://www.epfl.ch/labs/mlo/machine-learning-cs-433/

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EPFL Machine Learning Course CS-433

Machine Learning Course, Fall 2022

Repository for all lecture notes, labs and projects - resources, code templates and solutions. Videos available here for 2022 lectures and for 2022 exercises, and here for 2021.

The course website and syllabus is available here: https://www.epfl.ch/labs/mlo/machine-learning-cs-433/

Contact us if you have any questions, via the discussion forum (password on moodle for EPFL students), or email to the assistants or teachers. Please create issues and pull requests here using the menu above.


EPFL Machine Learning Course, Fall 2021



Language:Jupyter Notebook 69.3%Language:TeX 28.7%Language:Python 2.0%